Photoshop and Illustrator


Done In Illustrator, played around making freehand shapes with pen then used the crystalize tool to manipulate. I think the crystalize tool is my favorite so far in terms of manipulation.


I did this in Illustrator using a live trace.



uploaded my own image into Illustrator, played around with shapes and the scallop tool, I was trying to make them look similar to the shapes of birds.


My Illustrator homage to early 90’s graphics and art. I played with the pen drawing freehand shapes then the mesh and tool, applying other colors using mesh to create a gradient effect. Also more crystalizing techniques here as well.


Inspired by another image I found online, I kept this simple, just working on my angles while drawing with pen, played with mesh tool to manipulate and give gradient effect, some crystalize  in the center also. Love my color palate choice on this image.


Illustrator-some crystalize technique and I played around with some symbols. Used the pen tool also.


just playing with crystalize and pen tools, I believe I used some scalloping as well. Really played with my color palate and changed my mind several times, one of the benefits of computer graphic art ,you aren’t pinned down to your color choices


Inspired by another image I found online, I did a lot of copy and paste after drawing in pen, played with mesh and gradients. Used the crystalize tool.


inspired by another Illustration I found online, it turned out very different from the inspiration, played with drawing shapes, deletion and additions of anchor tools, swirl tool, gradients and creating multiple layers.


just uploaded an image of a gorgeous hot pink Chevelle I took to Illustrator, (High fidelity I believe) faded it out, added some text in the original color of the car.

Painted Illustrator

Painted Illustrator, uploaded an image of one of my paintings, then used image trace(6 colors) then played around with the pen and scallop tools.

live trace

uploaded an image into Illustrator, did a High fidelity image trace. An assignment for class.


my first Photoshop assignment for class, uploaded an image from, played with text tool and 3d warp text tool


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